Thirteenth Episode of Soul-Hop Sundays

We’re taking a Festive Break!

Hey Beautiful People!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas with your friends, family and loved ones.

On behalf of myself, OMG and everyone here at Soul-Hop Sundays we would like to thank you all abundantly from the bottom of our hearts and depths of our souls for all your amazing support of Soul-Hop Sundays since it’s inception in September. The level of inspiration you have brought us has been astounding!.. You all have been a huge factor in the operation of Soul-Hop Sundays, so thank you.. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

No.. This is not goodbye lol, FAR from it infact..

We have all amicably decided to take this holiday period off from the studio to spend time with our families.
2012 is already shaping to be a very, very busy year for us so it’s only right we spend some quality time with our loved ones before the storm hits.

We will be returning to your headphones and speakers on SUNDAY 8TH JANUARY 2012!!.. And we’ll be returning bigger and better than ever!!

Happy Holidays and we wish you a limitless 2012..

Stay Blessed..


11/12/2011 - Twelfth Episode of Soul-Hop Sundays; Soul-Hop, J.Kid, Mr.Benjamin & Cartell Lowe-Vidal present “Neo-Groove..”

04/12/2011 - Eleventh Episode of Soul-Hop Sundays; Fatal Kut presents “Everybody..”

Today’s Soul-Hop Sunday episode is brought to you by Deep House/Hip-Hop Producer & DJ ‘Fatal Kut’.

Born Eric Brou from Sarcelles, Paris, Fatal Kut is an amazing, eclectic producer who has the great ability to bring any dance floor to life with the tracks he creates. In addition to production, ‘F.K’ is also a DJ/Vinylist set to set the Night Club world on fire in 2012. 

OMG Management is proud to announce that Fatal Kut will serve as an Executive Producer for Chris Fosh’s upcoming album “*2.0*”.

Upon hearing a few ‘tasters’ of what’s to come from Mr Brou next year, OMG Management approached him and asked him to be a special guest producer this week here at Soul-Hop Sundays; to which Fatal Kut simply replied “Of course, my pleasure”

With the promise of a ‘cool beat’ he will keep secret until its completion, Fatal Kut disappeared off the radar and throughout the morning of Sunday 4th December produced this infectious track specially for today’s episode.

Fatal Kut is also working meticulously on his own amazing material set to be released in 2012.

If you don’t already know of Fatal Kut… You’ll soon find out!!

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