'Pressing Pause'

Happy Sunday Beautiful People!

We hope you have all had an amazing week during this kinder London weather and that you are all set to have an awesome day today as well.

We have some news to share with you all today; some is cool news and some.. not so cool.

After great consideration and with a heavy heart.. we would like to announce that we will be ‘pressing pause' on Soul-Hop Sundays for the immediate future.


The responses to, reactions toward and reception of Soul-Hop Sundays have been absolutely overwhelming!!; Viewed Live weekly in over 34 countries worldwide (the likes of Japan, Switzerland, Australia, United Kingdom, USA, Iceland, New Zealand, Russia, Bulgaria, China, Poland, Botswana, Indonesia and Bulgaria to name a few), regular plays/downloads, re-posts, re-blogs and even wonderful individuals approaching OMG Artists in person to tell us how much they love what we are doing

(Orin actually has an out-of-this-world story about a lovely woman who stopped him on the train a few weeks back and recognised him from Soul-Hop Sundays!)

With that being said, the choice to stop for the moment has been an almost impossible one.

The reason for the decision is because of the time commitment required for projects soon to be released from Artists here at OMG Management.
(Which is the COOL part to the news!)..

Studio Relocating, Album Recording & Post Production, Video/Photo Shoots and Promotional Releases are just a few of those aforementioned projects we are deep into at the moment and because of the high quality we are working meticulously on delivering, we are working on a schedule that unfortunately leaves very little time for Soul-Hop Sundays, if any.

So we will ‘pause' here at Episode 20 and adjourn temporarily in order to make way for the exciting new products you will be seeing from us shortly.

In the mean time be prepared for brand new singles from OMG Artists, new photoshoots, videos and behind the scenes footage!..

We want to thank you all abundantly for welcoming Soul-Hop Sundays into your homes and hearts..

But it is far from goodbye.. Quite the contrary actually..

This is “See you soon Soul-Hop Sundays and.. HELLO OMG 2012!!’

See you on the other side!!


Soul-Hop and OMG Management

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